Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of Week 3!

Wow! Since I updated they have done so much to the house!!! We have a 2nd floor and a roof!!!

This is what it looked like Friday evening (8/29)

Brave man on the roof!!!

We weren't able to go by on Saturday (we were deal hunting for appliances all day! More on that later!)

We went by today (Sunday 8/31) and they had finished putting plywood on the last part of the roof! We also got to go inside and check things out for the first time since the 2nd floor went up!

Looking straight on to the house and then views into the garage. Hubby & Sweet D were checking it all out. 

Side view of the house, looking out of the front door, looking up to the 2nd floor, and our fireplace!

Other side view of the house, looking out of the morning room to the left, looking out of the morning room to the right, and then looking at the house from the back of the property.

I think we are 2 weeks ahead of schedule right now. They should be putting up shingles this week and starting work on the inside!  My fingers and toes are crossed that we are going to be done by October/early November!!! 


  1. Looks great! It's so cool to watch your house being built isn't it?

    1. It is definitely a cool experience Frank! We get so excited every day to see something new :)