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Questions We Asked During the Sales Process

I’m a pretty thorough person.  So is my husband.  Our powers combined we are quite the combination J  Our SR was really terrific throughout the sales process.  He answered questions thoroughly, quickly, and multiple times sometimes.  Below are the questions we asked throughout the sales process (in no particular order), I hope these may be helpful to you!

  1. What is the pricing to do the double oven layout beside the refrigerator?
    1. $1695 to change the layout and would come with black appliances.  Upgrade to stainless would be $2295.  You will still get a credit of $1495 towards the appliances (because of our neighborhood incentives).
  2. Can you provide the pricing for these Rome elevations? Are there any other elevations that have the ability to do the front porch on?
    1. E and N are the two main ones with full front porches. 
    2. C w/ with siding only – $3,995; cannot do front porch
    3. C w/ partial stone – $9,495; cannot do front porch
    4. D w/ siding only – $8,995
    5. D w/ partial stone –$ 11,995
         f.     E w/ stone - $14,995

    1. L w/ Front Porch w/ partial stone – $10,495; Elevation comes with Stone as standard, cannot do siding only
    2. N  (comes standard w/ siding/stone) - Can you eliminate the gable in the 2 peaks on the front? $18,995.  We can submit a nonstandard at contract to remove it.  I would say yes but we have to get approval
  3. Can you confirm if Rome elevation E and N can be beside each other? 
    1. Working on getting this approved. (Ended up being a non-issue in the new section)
  4. Can you provide any references for people in the neighborhood that have built that we could reach out to?  
    1. Absolutely!  I was thinking we could get the contact info for someone that is currently under construction and one that has closed with us?  Would that work?
  5. Can you also keep us posted if any other lots are sold? 
    1. Will do!
  6. For the new section, the map says there is a common area.  What is planned for this common area?  In driving by, it looks like there is a retaining pond - is that correct? 
    1. The retaining pond is more off to the side of Lot 97 which is on the main road.  All the blueprints just show it as an open area with nothing planned to go there.  I tried to walk back there but it was a little wet from this weekend. Once it dries out I can get back there to take some pictures and ask our production team if they have any more insight into what could be there down the road. 
  7. Can you send the new section's lot information when it is available?  We have a sheet for the current section that had the total square footage information and some other details.
    1. I can.  Right now we only have a large scale version of section 5 but should have a .pdf version soon that lists the square footage.  If you have any particular home sites you are interested in we could pass along the info or you can swing by the model to see the large scale of plans that we have. 

8.       Do the porches come with railings along the front?  It looks like E does, but in pictures it does not look like C or N do.

a.       I believe the number of stairs going up to the house will determine if you get railings or not. I have emailed someone in our office to confirm. Elevation C does not have a front porch, just a covered stoop.

9.       Are the posts on the porch modifiable?  For example, if we didn’t like the decorative brackets on Elevation N, could those be removed?  Do you have the option to do round vs. square? 

a.       All parts of the elevation are pre-determined and we do not have further options for them. If you wanted something removed I would have to look into see if that was possible.

10.   Is the Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware included everywhere?  On the doors, cabinets, faucets, etc?

a.       If you look at the current estimates I am sending you it has oil rubbed bronze added so you have it everywhere. Door knobs/hinges, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures.

11.   What is included in the crown molding package 1?

a.       It is just like our model. Includes crown molding in the foyer, living room, and dining room, cased openings in those three rooms, and chair railing in your dining room.

12.   Is backsplash included in the kitchen or is it an upgrade?

a.       You can add a tile backsplash if you like. Usually folks pick that out at the flooring company and get a price at that time.

13.   Can you do elevation D with a larger porch like N?  Can you change the oval window to anything else? 

a.       You cannot add a full front porch like N or change the window in Elevation D

14.   How would we go about doing additional insulation in the house (between the floors and walls to help with noise cancellation)?  Is this an upgrade that is available?

a.       It is not a selectable option. If it is something that is super important to you it is something I could look into but I cannot promise at this point if it would be approved or not.

15.   Is the sidewalk to the house included?

a.       You get a concrete walkway from your driveway to your front door.

16.   How much is it to add additional outdoor lighting?

a.       You have a light by each exit. You can add a double flood light for $250 and place it anywhere on the exterior.

17.   What is included for phone/internet/cable outlets?  What are the charges to add additional lines in other rooms?

a.       You have 4 total included and can use them how you want and put them where you want. They are $100 each if you need more than four.

18.   What is the pricing for a side entry garage on the Rome?

a.       Price is $6,495 when you get stone.

19.    What type of columns for Elevation E? Round, square? 

a.       Square

20.   What type of railings on porch?

a.       They will be black powder coated aluminum just like on the model front steps.

21.   Do we pick the decorative molding over exterior windows or is it pre-determined?

a.       The decorative moldings are based off the elevations. You can choose the color though to be white or desert tan and that will change the color of the columns and garage door.

22.   Do we have any say in the exterior door casing? There's one in the neighborhood that looks more ornate than the others. Also some have a window above the door, some have the windows on all 4 sides. 

a.       This is based off the elevation as well.  Some of the floor plans have elevations that have side lights or transoms over the door.  The Courtland Gate and Victoria Falls have a few elevations that offer these.   

23.   What is the cost for a walkway to the garage service door, similar to what is at the model? 

a.       I would have to request a price on it but probably nothing terrible.

24.   What are the stone options for the fireplace? Or is it predetermined?  

a.       You get to choose from any of the stone samples.  You can choose to do the same as the outside or a different style on the inside. 

25.   Do you have the pricing/approvals for the 2 non-standard requests we had (add garage sink and additional insulation in the wall by the hall bath/kitchen)? 

a.       We do and can review in detail.  $475 for the sink and $475 for the insulation.

26.    What does light/prewire ceiling include? A cap/covering or an actual light fixture? 

a.       Just a cap with the wiring for one light.

27.   What does a ceiling fan rough-in include?  A cap/covering or an actual fan? 

a.       Just a cap with wiring for the fan and light.

28.   Over the fireplace, can we do 2 spotlights that are adjustable vs. the potted lights that don’t move? 

a.       Yes you can do eyeball lights over the fireplace.

29.   How much say do we have over where the light switches are?  Example – the 2 carriage lights outside of the garage have the light switch in the garage.  We would like to have them attached to the front entry way. 

a.       Not a ton but might be able to talk to project manager into making a few changes.  Brought this example up to project manager and he was open to making the change.

30.   For wireless, what do most people do? It looks like most set up the routers in the closet under the stairs.  Do we need a cable outlet there to do that? 

a.       We always put one in the coat closet next to the phones and cables for routers or security systems.

31.   Can you get outlets installed in the bathroom vanity drawer? 

a.       Not sure how we can do in the drawer and keep the drawer movement in place but we can talk about it.

b.      We discussed in person and we were told that they could put an additional outlet in the vanity.  My idea was to be able to keep my hairdryer plugged in (thanks to Pinterest).

Please note that these questions were answered by our SR and may be specific to our model, neighborhood, area, state, etc.  Check with your SR to answer your specific questions!
Did you have a lot of questions? Do you wish you had asked more questions?

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