Our Selections

We saw this color scheme in our neighborhood and love it!  This is Elevation D though, and we are doing E. 

Elevation E with Partial Stone.  We LOVE the front porch!

·         Elevation E with Partial Stone

o   Exterior Color Scheme: UEE

o   Main Siding Color: Graphite Gray

o   Shake Siding Color: Silver Mist

o   Stone: PA Sierra Fieldstone (round stone)

o   Shutter Color: Dark Berry

o   Front Door Color: Raisen

o   Brick Color: Grand Caramel

o   Trim Color: White

o   Roof Color: Black

o   Garage Door :  White; cottage front with arched windows

o   Gutter Color: White

o   Front porch:

§  Columns - White, Square

§  Railings - black powder coated aluminum

First Floor
I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE all of our selections!  I'm dying to see it in person all pulled together!

·         Flooring

o   Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Morning Room

§  Hardwood – Level B: Rural Living 5” Deep Java

§  Stairs – hardwood; Railing stain #6

We opted for white balusters, not metal but this gives a good idea of what we will be doing.

o   Family Room & Study:

§  Carpet Pad A: Tahoe

§  Carpet Level C: Simple Touch – Sand Swept

·         Kitchen

o   Countertops – Granite upgrade #1 (standard in our neighborhood): St. Cecilia Light

o   Cabinets – 42” with crown molding: Timberlake: Rushmore Square Maple Glaze Hazelnut
Example of Cabinets + Countertops + Lighting - I cannot wait to cook in this kitchen!

·         Family Room

o   Stone fireplace (side of house); PA Sierra Fieldstone (round)

Second Floor

·         Flooring

o   Carpet Pad A: Tahoe

o   Carpel Level B: Collinsville-Mocha Froth

·         Master Bathroom

o   Vanity Cabinets: Timberlake, Wyoming Square Maple Cherry Java

o   Flooring/Tile: Ceramic Tile C with surround

§  Brancacci-Aria Ivory 12 x 12 Floor

§  9 x 12 Wall

§  Accent 1” – Random TE22 Bali

It's hard to see, but the listello has light green and flecks of copper.  I think it'll play nicely with the cherry in the cabinets. 

·         Guest Bathroom #1

o   Double bowl vanity: Timberlake, Scottsdale Square Maple Espresso

o   Flooring/Tile: Ceramic Tile B w/ Surround

§  Brixton 12 x 12 Bone Wall

§  Semi-Gloss White 6 x 6 – NO LISTELLO

§  Corner ceramic soap dish
The almond is shown on the bottom, but we are only doing white and no listello.  The flooring lady thought I was crazy for not wanting it, but the curly-ques were the only option and I prefer cleaner lines. 

·         Guest Bathroom #2 (in 4th Bedroom) - same as above.

o   Single bowl vanity: Timberlake, Scottsdale Square Maple Espresso

o   Flooring/Tile

§  Brixton 12 x 12 Bone Wall

§  Semi-Gloss White 6 x 6 – NO LISTELLO

§  Corner ceramic soap dish

·         Laundry Room Flooring: Initiator #66088 (shown above with carpet)

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