Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Appliance Purchases!

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend!  We decided to take advantage of some of the sales that were going on for appliances...

On Saturday we went to Home Depot first, but they didn't have a lot of selection and no one was around to help.  Then we went to HH Greg.  They had a lot more selection and helpful salespeople (they can be a little stalker-ish, but the one we ended up with wasn't too bad).  We narrowed down what we wanted but didn't want to pull the trigger just yet.  Plus I wanted to see what coupons I had.  HH Greg said they would price match but we couldn't stack coupons; I was pretty sure that you could stack coupons at Home Depot and Lowes though, so I wanted to check out what our options were. 

So, we went back to Home Depot on Sunday and waited around FOREVER for a salesperson to come by.  We had to go to another section and get someone paged and then we waited more.  Finally someone came by. He said we couldn't stack coupons and was not friendly or helpful.  Yeah, no sale for you.  We left.

Today (Monday), we decided to go by Lowe's to see if they would stack the coupons and if they wouldn't we would head back to HH Greg.  I had done the calculations and I knew we'd save about $200 at Lowes if we could stack the coupons.  We lucked out and had a helpful salesperson at Lowes and they let us use our 10% off coupon on top of the sales price!  Hooray! 

Now, here are our selections!!!

I had previously posted some thoughts on a couple of options I had liked, but we didn't go with any of those!  We went with the LG 30.7-cu ft French Door Refrigerator with Single Ice Maker (Stainless Steel) ENERGY STAR.  We loved everything about it - nice design, good features and good reviews!
Pricing - regularly it is $3,199, on sale for $2,447, and with another 10% off it was $2,202. So we saved $1,000!!!

Room for ALL THE FOOD!

Lots of freezer storage!!!
Washer & Dryer
Well, as previously mentioned I thought I knew what washer and dryer I wanted.  However, when we went to HH Greg, the sales guy pointed out a Samsung model that had more features and had better reviews and it was cheaper than the Maytag model I wanted.  So, we ended up going with the Samsung 4.8-cu ft High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer (White) ENERGY STAR and the Samsung 7.4-cu ft Electric Dryer with Steam Cycles (White).  The washer is regularly $899, on sale for $603, and with another 10% off we got it for $543.  The dryer is regularly $799, on sale for $598.50, and with another 10% off we got it for $539. 
Sooooo pretty!  I might be slightly excited to do laundry!

Did you get any good deals this weekend?  What appliances did you go for?


  1. Very nice! We actually bought our Fridge and washer/dryer this weekend too. We basically did the flip flop of you. Bought at HH Gregg and got a Samsung Fridge and LG washer/dryer. This is the model fridge we got and I'm pretty excited about it. I don't remember the washer/dryer model off the top of my head. Man fridges have come a long way haven't they?!

  2. We thought about that fridge! But hubby was anti-door-in-door. And since he really didn't want the French door model either (he prefers the side by side), I had to compromise. And I wasn't sure how much our family would use the door-in-door feature to justify the additional cost - but I really liked it! I can't wait to go grocery shopping now :)

  3. I am laughing right now thinking about how funny it is to have a list of possibles just to end up with something not on the list. It happens to me all the time! Your choices are awesome and I am glad the refrigerator works for you and the Mr. I love the washer and dryer as well! And extra kudos for being able to stack coupons and save extra $$$.