Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Start of Week 3!

We were really excited to swing by the house last night to see what progress had been made in a day (ha!). We got to the house around 6 and they were still hard at work. We drove around a little to kill time, but they were working so we decided to grab dinner since Sweet D was hungry. We came back to the house around 7:30 and the workers were (finally) packing up so we could walk around and take pictures. It's definitely a great thing they were working late, it just makes it hard to "rome" around the lot (haha). 

They have almost all of the exterior walls up and they started putting up the 2nd floor flooring! 

They put in the steel beam in the garage, and it looks like they leveled out the ground by the entry stairs. 

You can see some of the closed ceiling here along with more walls. 

I love this view from our soon to be morning room!  All of those trees in the back will be staying, I love how wooded our section of the neighborhood is!

Also, we were really happy to see that the garage service entry-way was moved to the correct spot!  We are very pleased that this was easily corrected. 
So far, so good for customer service Ryan Homes!

I don't think we'll be able to head back out until Friday because of work schedules and traveling.  I'm hoping hubby can swing by to check it mid-week!  I don't want to miss anything!


  1. Things are looking good!! They'll have the entire house framed before you know it! It only took them 1 week with us! It's crazy how fast they work!

    1. Yes, the foundation and framing seem to move so fast... but then things start to slooooooow down. Trying to enjoy the pace now :)