Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 3 Update!

I've been traveling for work this week so I haven't been able to swing by the house.  They've made a ton of progress!
2nd floor is up!  And windows!
Because of my crazy schedule, Hubby had to schedule the meeting with our new PM while I was out of town.  The meeting went pretty well, although he was surprised to hear that the new PM has not even been inside the house yet?  Hubby typed up notes (he is seriously the best!) so I would know everything they talked about.  I'll post those tomorrow.

Closer view of the house - I'm in love!

The new PM said that the trusses were delivered yesterday and should be up by tomorrow (8/29), roof and tar paper down over the weekend, wiring/plumbing/HVAC contractors in the next week (9/1-9/6), so pre-dry wall meeting should be sometime the week of 9/8!!!
I drove by after my flight came in (because I'm obsessive like that).  They were still hard at work at 7:15 pm, so I didn't get out to take pictures.  It looks like they added roofing to the porch over the afternoon.
I can't believe how fast things are moving now!


  1. Well, looks like we're going to be neighbors! Now that I've seen some different angles, I know you're right down the street from me. :)

    1. Also, I should mention that you have a roof now. Not sure about the tar paper, since I didn't know it was your house yet and wasn't looking that closely. In case you didn't go by today. :)

    2. Amanda - I know your house!!! Hi neighbor!!! We did go by Friday night and saw the roof was up, we are heading back out that way tomorrow (Sunday) to check on things!
      We love your house! When we first found the neighborhood and drove around a lot to get a feel for things, we fell in love with Elevation E because of your house - too funny :) We can't wait to move into the neighborhood, we are so excited! Thanks for saying hello!!!