Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ceiling Fans

We are going to have 8 ceiling fans in the new house.  EIGHT!  When you come to see us, you'll be BLOWN away :)

We have a ceiling fan in each of the bedrooms and the loft upstairs.  Downstairs we have them in the morning room, family room, and study.  I love having air move and we both wanted overhead lighting in every room of the house.  We only did the rough-in, so we'll need to purchase all these fans!
I recently ready another blog (I can't remember whose!), that mentioned buying ceiling fans ahead of time to help space out the cost.  I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to have the same ones in each bedroom?  Have a different one in each room?  Pick out 2 or 3 and repeat in the house?  And then when it comes to finishes, I'm also having a hard time.  We've done Oil Rubbed Bronze for all of our fixtures, so I feel like I need to continue that with the fans.  I'm not big into mixing and matching, so I think keeping it all ORB will be best for us.
Here are a few options that I like: 
This might be nice for the morning room, family room or the master bedroom since it's more expensive and a little more unique.  This one is by far my favorite!
Pretty standard - we like clean lines, nothing frilly.
Another option if we wanted one light vs. the 3 or 4 prong light.
This one is more modern, but I kind of like it.  Seems a little hotel chic'.
How many ceiling fans did you opt for?  Do you have any suggestions for other ceiling fan options?  


  1. OMG! 8 fans will be super awesome. If I could have one in every room, every entrance and every hallway without looking like I've gone ceiling fan wild, I would! HAHAHAHA You are reading my mind everyday! LOL We were just talking about if we wanted to have different ones, repeat a few or have a different one in each room. I can say that I think for me I am leaning away from having different ones in each room. I might confuse myself, let alone guests. LOL Perhaps it could still be done as long as each fan spoke the same language, just in a different tone if you know what I mean. For instance not having them so different that it will not flow with the rest of the home. Just different enough to give the room it's own flavor? I am not sure. I must say I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE the first one! Great choice for a favorite!
    We will have 4 or 5 (can't remember if the 'man cave' will have one). We only purchased the rough-ins as well. I look forward to hearing what others think about mix & matching and your final selections!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that likes it extra breezy! I agree - there should be families of fans to pick from so things looks cohesive but not exactly the same!
      The first one I can't wait to go see in person!

  2. We have 7 fans so I know the feeling! My boyfriend is ALWAYS hot so fans are constantly on in our house! Also, with two huskies we have to keep our house cool! I live in an ice box! I thought about switcing up the fans but I kind of like inconsistency. We got a big grand ceiling fan for our great room and bedroom (60") and then smaller (54") normal fans for the other rooms. My boyfriend also wants to get a really cool man cave material fan for his basement.

    1. You should post links to your fans - I want to see them!!! I need some inspiration and ideas!