Saturday, August 23, 2014

End of Week 2!

I probably should have waited until today to update, but it's so exciting right now to see how quickly things are moving! We went to Sweet D's new daycare yesterday for her to check it out and we went by the lot afterwards. They worked later than normal because they were still going strong after 5 pm. We drove by but didn't take pictures because I didn't want the guys working to think we were crazy people :)

We went back by today and got to walk around and see all of the framing. It is crazy how quick this stuff goes up!

A few different angles of the house. 

View of the back of the house as you come through the neighborhood. I get so excited when we pop over the hill to see the house!

View from the front door looking down the foyer. Please note the giant jug of red juice that was left behind. The amount of trash that is all over the place is kind of crazy to me. I can't believe they don't pick up after themselves!

I must say that I was pretty oblivious to the details, I was more wowed by the walls going up. But hubby inspected things a little more closy and noticed how poorly the nails were placed in the walls to the framing. Is this normal?

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  1. I would imagine that is the new "normal" for the majority of marginally skilled labor that is now used. As long as they recognized they missed the studs and put extra nails in that hit, then it should be fine.

    1. James - isn't it sad that the quality of skilled labor has gone down so. It's a lost art that society doesn't appreciate enough. We saw several instances of several nails in one spot. Definitely not a detail I would notice, but my hubby was on it!