Saturday, August 2, 2014

Non-Standard Requests

I would have never known about these had it not been for all of the other Ryan Homes blogs that I poured through when we were researching options. I wanted to ask for something non-standard after reading through blogs, just because I knew that we could (with a price of course!).

After going through the model a lot (I mean, it’s pretty ridiculous how many times we’ve visited the model), and going through the pricing list and blogs… I had a hard time coming up with requests, I feel like the Rome floor plan is really well thought out and it matched all of our family's needs to a T. Here are the 3 non-standard requests we considered and the 2 we went with.

1.      Double Ovens in the kitchen – Oh double ovens, how I wanted you so.  It would have cost $1,695 to change the layout and would come with black appliances.  The upgrade to stainless would be $2,295.  We would have received a credit of $1,495 towards the appliances because of our neighborhood incentives.  After reading through several blogs and seeing how it would look, we decided against it due to the cost and practicality.  I really wanted them for Thanksgiving… but couldn’t think of other times that I would really use it.  Additionally, the layout that was proposed made the refrigerator door open into a wall and we hated that.  Sighhhh... why are double ovens so awesome?!?!

Found on Pinterest

I'm pretty sure we have the Rome Version 5, so this is what we would have ended up with if we elected the double ovens.  As you can see, the fridge door will hit the wall when opened and you lose some functionality. 

2.      Wash-tub in the Garage – this one seems pretty common.  The cost was $475 to do this and we thought it would be a hassle to do it after construction.  I give our SR props though because he really tried to save us this expense and told us it would be easy to do later.  We just didn’t want to take the time/effort later to do it. 
Should look something like this

3.       Insulation in the Garage and Hall Bath Wall – cost $475

a.       Insulating the garage is pretty explanatory.  We are hoping that we can use part of the garage for a little exercise area or at least a work area.  We don’t want to be chilly/hot, so this made sense.  Our SR recommended this as one of the options he sees a lot of.

b.      In our old house, we hated hearing the plumbing in the walls.  The master bath plumbing went down the same wall that our living room TV sat beside and you could hear everything. Every flush, every shower, every trickle... EVERYTHING. We had the SR flush all of the toilets upstairs and run the water and we could really hear the plumbing in the wall beside the hall bath in the Model.  So we asked that this be extra-insulated as well to help curb the noise.  Fingers crossed that this will help!

What non-standard requests did you have?  Any regrets? 


  1. Hi LuLu
    We had 13 customs/non-standard requests done to our ROME! Do I regret any of them? Absolutely NOT! I personalized our home.
    1. The double ovens under the bulk head on the empty wall made our kitchen look fabulous and I love the additional cabinetry storage. I see you have our picture posted here. The new layout is very funky.
    2. Full Front porch on our Elevation C
    3. Two Bay Windows
    4. Two Columns on living/dining room
    5. Combo closet for hubbys gentlemen closet
    6. Combo closet from master bathroom into bedroom #2 to create my awesome huge dressing room.
    7. Relocate island to accommodate double oven
    8. Two tone kitchen
    9. Two large windows in basement
    10. Finish small storage room--this is now an option
    11. Carry hardwood to second floor loft and laundry room which is used as a studio (laundry in basement)
    12. Swing doors out
    13. Electrical outlet installed in the kitchen cabinet and wet bar to hide cable boxes and wires
    Love your post!! Well thought out!!

    1. RickandNadase - You had a really awesome Sales Rep! Ours told us we only had 2 non-standard requests that we could put in for. He would have passed out if we asked for 13! I love your home - it turned out fantastic!