Friday, August 1, 2014

Discounts and Incentives

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have an awesome realtor who was able to get the price knocked down on some things quite a bit.  I had read a lot of the Ryan Homes blogs and it seems hit or miss if negotiating will work.  My viewpoint is that it never hurts to ask – all they can say is no.  Essentially, we were able to get about $38,000 in discounts or incentives.  We were pretty happy with that – it certainly would be nice to have gotten more, but we are grateful for everything that we were able to get thanks to our realtor!

Included in Our Neighborhood
Landscaping package - irrigation
Hardwoods in Kitchen
Hardwoods in Foyer
Hardwoods in Hall
42” Cabinets
Upgraded Cabinets (Timberlake: Fairfield Square Maple Honey)
Granite Countertops
Upgraded Stainless Steel Appliances
Recessed lights in Kitchen
Tankless Waterheater – no price, but I know not all communities have this

Things we Negotiated
Section 5 Lot Premium
We got it for $5,000
Elevation E – Front Porch Special for April
We paid an extra $3,000 to add stone
ORB Faucet Fixtures
We got for $0
Morning Room – use NVR Mortgage
We got for $0
Master bathroom vanity upgrade
We got for $0

Did you have any luck negotiating with your SR?  What kind of bonuses did you get?



  1. You definitely got some good deals! We didn't use a realtor but we ended up getting $12,300 off the price, a free finished basement (about $11,900), premium lot for free ($2,500), and 50% off our deck ($6,500). I think that's it? As you saw on my post we're going to be negotiating some other stuff since they told us in writing our deck was Trex and they were wrong. A friend of ours who bought through Ryan Homes ended up getting a double oven/gourmet kitchen layout for free and a free double vanity in the secondary bath after they made mistakes with them. You guys got a great deal on your stone! That's awesome!

    1. Wow - Basements are cheap where you are! It is at least $35,000+ for basements in our neighborhood. I hope your deck stuff gets worked out!