Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 2 Update!

We stopped by the house today on our way to Sweet D's new daycare orientation. We were excited to see that framing had begun and a wall is up!

We talked to our new PM yesterday and he said that we can have the garage service door moved back where we wanted it! Hooray!  We are going to meet him next week. He confirmed that he will do email updates every week or week and a half. We are also welcome to call anytime for an update.  Hopefully we'll get off to a better start with him.   

View of the service door placement and where we'd like it to be.

 View from across the street. 

View from our soon to be front porch!

Progress, sweet progress!  At this rate, I really hope we'll be done on the earlier end of the estimated delivery date (anywhere from November 1 - 20).

Can't wait to see what they get done tomorrow!


  1. You are moving right along! I can't wait until we start framing. It's going to come quick!

    1. I feel like the framing goes crazy fast! I'm going to get so used to seeing all this visual progress that when it slows down it's going to test my patience a lot more, haha!