Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pre-Drywall Inspection

We had our pre-drywall inspection yesterday (9/10) and it went great and we couldn't be more pleased!

We met our PM at 9 am at the house.  This was my first time meeting him since he came on board.  He is TERRIFIC!  He was very personable, easy to talk to, and you can tell he takes pride in his work.  Just the person I want to have building my home! 

Our inspector showed up while we were chatting with the PM.  He took the blueprints for review and then got to work taking lots of pictures and checking out the house.  While he did that, the PM took us for a walk through of the house to point out electrical, plumbing, duct work and other items.  We noticed that a few outlets were not in place yet, but the electrician was finishing up downstairs while we were there so it was no issue to quickly get fixed (we added an extra outlet in the laundry room and one on the landing of the stairs).  Everything seemed great to us, I'm not exactly a builder so I don't know if I would notice that things were incorrect either - hence hiring an inspector. 

After we had walked through the house and the inspector was done, we all met together in the garage to review the report and discuss any requests that the inspector recommended. Below are the (few) minimal items that our inspector pointed out:

The PM will fix everything listed above EXCEPT the tree.  Ryan Homes only clears trees within 25 feet of the house and this one is further out than that.  We thought this tree might be an issue initially so we were aware of it.  It's right on the edge of the property, so we'll probably have it taken out before we put our fence it. 

Our realtor also came by during the meeting and we talked to her for a while afterwards.  She was sure to mention that even though they didn't find much in the inspection, we should still be glad we did it.  She's had other builders come up with a lot of issues, so it's always a good idea to have one.  We were pleased with our investment (he only charged $150 since there were minimal things to do).

Clockwise from top left: View of the house when pulling onto our street, Nail plates and foaming, our fireplace insert, and the electrical panel.
I thought the foam stuff was pretty cool - the put it basically anywhere there is a hole to avoid air loss and maintain energy efficiency.

Side view of the mast bath tub and shower - the paper wrapping is installed so high to help avoid moisture and contain insulation.

We also have a few updates on timing (!!!):
  • Thursday, 9/11: Framing and Electrical inspection
  • Friday, 9/12: Begin insulation (this will probably also take place over the weekend), siding will also start going up!
  • Monday, 9/15: Insulation inspection
  • Tuesday, 9/16: Begin drywall installation.  This will continue over the next 7 days. 
  • Tuesday, 9/23: Trim work will start
He also said that he has given our SR the ok to lock in our mortgage rates, but that it may be next week before we hear anything.  The power company has not come out yet, but they have been told they should start this Friday afternoon.  HOORAY!  This is the one part of the process we have been told repetitively from our SR and PM - the power company can and will delay the house and Ryan Homes cannot do anything about it because the power company is more or less a monopoly. 

Our PM said that he anticipates we should close the last week of October / first week of November.  He feels pretty confident we will have our final walk-through on Thursday, October 30th or Friday, October 31st (Happy Halloween!).  This was clearly the best news of the day!!! I still know that things could delay it, but from what I've seen things seem to stay on track once the drywall is up!  If you remember, we were initially given a timeframe of 11/1 - 11/20, so still on schedule but closer to the earlier deliver date!

Yippee - I can't be more pleased with how quickly things are coming together and what a great team we have working on our home! (And nope, not being paid by Ryan Homes for this blog or comment - just really glad things are working out well!) 


  1. Awesome news! You will be moving in before you know it! Glad the inspection went well and no "major" things were found.

    1. I really want to enjoy this time while we are building - but boy am I excited to get moved in!

  2. Ah yes, dead trees at the edge of the property. We have a couple of those behind us and our neighbors. Good catches by your inspector! We did an inspection, totally worth it even though there wasn't much found.

    1. Yes, our PM has someone he recommends, so if I get their info I will send your way. I think we'll have to get it removed because we want to install a fence that will be right by them. Too bad they couldn't take them out when they cleared the lot!

    2. We intend to make the developer do it. He has stated that he'll come out and take a look, but he hasn't yet.

    3. Really? We will have to keep that in mind - and keep us posted on that! That would be a lot better if the developer took it down!

    4. The only possible hangup is that ours are very clearly on "common area" land, and not our own. If yours is on your property the developer might say no. But I intend to argue that these trees pose a hazard to multiple houses, plus at least two of them could come down on a walking trail, which would be a pain to clean up as well.

  3. Good deal! We also planned on hiring our own inspector and this reconfirms our decision. Bet you're so excited.

    1. Totally worth the investment to get an inspector! We learned a lot too, which is always nice! We are super excited - I am so glad we'll be in before Thanksgiving (barring any power company fiascos!)