Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 5 Update!

Ya'll!!! The siding went up on the house in a day! A day! It really looks like a house now!!!
This was taken late Thursday (9/11) and this is what it looked like Friday evening (9/12):

The porch will be covered in stone, so that comes a bit later. 

They also had put up a lot of insulation and all of the drywall was dropped off too!

Clockwise from top left: Garage insulation (we paid extra to have the whole garage insulated), carriage light on the garage, upstairs drywall stations, insulation in the morning room. 

Drywall supplies - mud and tape!

View out of the loft. 

View from our drive way of our neighbors. They have 4 houses going up in our section in addition to ours right now! And out of the 5 of us - 4 are Romes, 3 are Elevation E with Graphite Gray siding. Really?!?!?

And one last picture of progress!

Happy weekend!!!


  1. Looks awesome!! They actually do the stone and brick in our subdivision first. The siding seems like it's the last to go up. I can't believe how fast your house is going!!

  2. Lulu, that is awesome and the house looks great! I didnt know you could insulate the that for warmth?

  3. LuLu, it's looking great. There's a Rome in our neighborhood, same elevation as yours that also got stone, you won't be disappointed.

  4. Woo! Everything looks great! We didn't get siding yet but all of our drywall was put up this past week. Today they'll be applying the mud and all the final touches.

    The model home in our neighborhood is a Rome Elevation E and it has stone, and it looks beautiful!