Thursday, September 4, 2014


Our couch is about 10 years old, so our new house is the perfect reason to splurge on a new couch!  Comfort is #1 for us, looks are important but they come 2nd.  Pricing is important too, but we're willing to invest in something that will last.  I've been window shopping and these are a few I'm considering for the family room.

Option 1 - Ikea Ektorp; MSRP $399
By far the cheapest option.  I've never had Ikea furniture, so I'm skeptical of the quality.  But I read this post about how great white sofas are if you have a young family, and how nice it is to be able to wash the covers too.  To be honest, a white couch is SOOOO scary to me.  And I don't really know how often I would actually wash the covers. 

Option 2 - Crate & Barrel Lounge 93" Sofa; MSRP $1,999 (on sale now for $1,699)
This couch looks CRAZY comfortable!  And the reviews are awesome!  I think I would add the ottomans too.
Option 3 - Crate & Barrel Axis II Sofa; MSRP $1,999 (on sale now for $1,699)
This one also has great reviews and looks classic.  It doesn't look quite as comfy as the Lounge above.  We would also pick a darker fabric than the one shown below. 
Do you have any comfy couch recommendations we should check out?


  1. You want a comfy couch? Go to Restoration Hardware and try out the down filled couches... If only they weren't like $5k.... LOL!

    I'm super picky too with couches. We are going with a Broyhill sectional (Ethan) in the family room. I'm torn on the loft and the formal so I'm trying to figure that out now.

    Love the Crate & Barrel sectionals. Pottery Barn had a lot of good choices too. Be careful with Ikea though cause they tend to break down faster. If the couch is going to get heavy usage I always say it's better to go with one that is built a little better.

    1. Well... I wrote this post before we went to check out the couches at Crate & Barrel. I liked them, but hubby didn't like how deep the seating was, so I think all of the couches I have listed here are scratched. I wasn't crazy about the Ikea option, so I doubt we'll go that way... I just don't think I'll want to wash the covers that much. Back to square 1!

      Keep me posted on what you pick out - I need some ideas. We need to go by Ethan Allen and Lazy Boy too to see what they have. Soooooooooo many choices!