Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 7

First of all... really?  We're already at week 7?  Where did the time go?  I feel like this process took FOREVER to get moving, but now it's just flying by!  Well, I think it's more of a "the days are long, but the weeks are short" scenario :)

This was the first weekend we didn't go by the house.  I will admit it was nice to take a little break.  I did stop by yesterday and today to see if anything new was happening. And of course there were a few things...

They dropped off paint in the living room!
Everything has been mudded and taped!

Check out our 3rd full bath in the 4th bedroom

I love this porch!  I also love that it's not wood and it shouldn't fall apart like our old porch - woohoo!
Now, for the thing I'm worried about... they've dug a huge hole in our front yard and there are a lot of wires (piping?) exposed.  I'm really worried they are going to put one of the giant green electrical boxes in the middle of our front yard.  What an eyesore.  And there's nothing that Ryan Homes can do about it, because it's the local power company that installs everything.  I'm emailing our PM tonight to check. I hope it's just that they haven't buried the lines... fingers crossed!

I went by this afternoon too, but they were busy at work inside so I didn't go in.  It looks like they were painting.  Can't wait to see what builder grade cream/off white will look like. 
Anything new going on at your house?  Do you feel like the days are long but the weeks are short?


  1. Looking good LuLu. We have one of the green boxes just on the property line between us and our future neighbors. At least it's not directly in front of the house. Hope, for you guys they don't put one right in front.

    1. Thanks, Frank - I'd be fine if it's on the corner of the lot... I mean, they wouldn't do it in middle of the front yard I hope. Sigh... now we wait to find out.

  2. Have you ever seen them place a box there in your general area? I know things vary by region because I've never seen an electrical box for a single family home be put in that location. I'd imagine you're fine.

  3. Do you happen to remember where I can find a predrywall checklist? I can't find it. Also did you happen to see the blot about the dryer trick where the tray was installed so it could go against the wall?

  4. They put those giant green boxes close to the property line between houses in our development. I took care of the one on our property -- we dug out around it and filled it with mulch, and planted ornamental grass around it. In just this one season, the ornamental grasses grew so high you can barely see the box. I put some big, pretty bolders in there, too. All the neighbors love it and some of them have started doing it too. You can take those lemons and make lemonade . . . .