Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Media Center

Since the Rome has a nice big wall where we plan to put our television, I've been looking for a media center.  Our current set-up for a TV stand is over 10 years old and is very small and kind of "college-y".  I would really like to have something more "grown-up" that will last a long time.  The model in our neighborhood has an entertainment/media center that I really like which is another reason that I've got it in my head that I want a larger furniture piece for the television and other stuff for the family room.

Here are a couple different pictures from Rome Family Rooms showing options of layouts:

Now, on to the options we are considering...

Option 1 - Logan Media Center by Pottery Barn
I hate that this one is so expensive, but I like how you can mix and match pieces to create what you would like.  It's also huge and has a ton of storage which I love!  It will probably cost around $3,500 to build this, so it's likely something we will need to wait / save up for to make sure it's what we really want since we are trying to make long-term purchases vs. what works right now. 

We would go with the mahogany to offset the white kitchen cabinets.
All of the different options with the Logan Media Suite

A view of it not filled up

In white as well.  I think the true white option would look weird near the off-white cabinets. 
Similar to the PB Option.  Also similar pricing at $3,500.  Not sure which one I like best. Decisions, decisions!

Are you getting a new media center to go in your new home?  Do you have any recommendations for other options?


  1. Oh Pottery Barn... They own me for a long time... I have caught some EXCELLENT deals shopping their clearance. I just got all our rugs for over 70% off. The 8x10 was $169, normally $799!! I was doing a crazy happy dance! Sometimes if you wait on their stuff you can get it deeply discounted. Also, go Into their stores. When they change out lines of furniture you can get up to 70% off of floor models. This makes a huge difference! If it's carried in store you can also ask to be put on a list to be called when they do get rid of floor models!

    I know that's a lot. Restoration Hardware and PB are my favorites. ANY WAY to save money I'm going to try my hardest! Ha ha ha.

    1. Bridget - tell me about it! I need to start watching clearance sales because I cannot afford to do everything full price!

  2. I'm personally not a fan of media centers. My own opinion is it's counter intuitive to the whole point of having a slim TV. It's like going back to the days of a huge cabinet TV that takes up wall and floor space. I personally think a nice media cabinet under a wall mounted TV aesthetically looks the best. Full media centers ultimately become a dumping ground of extra junk and unneeded nick knacks. But again, this is just my opinion :)

    1. This is basically what ours will look like but TV wall mounted. It's large enough to look like a real piece of furniture, but not so big that it clutters. Just a thought.


    2. I love your option! We may have to do something like that for our master. Hubby doesn't like wall mounted TV's so that's why we're looking at the media center, and it will take up some of the massive wall space in the Rome family room. Gotta pick and choose my battles :) Ha! I agree - they are usually a clutter catcher, but hopefully we'll be able to hide it!