Monday, September 29, 2014

End of Week 7 = Cabinets!

After we went by the house on Friday, we didn't think we would see much on Sunday... but we were very happy to see CABINETS!!!  And I must say, they are simply gorgeous!  They're going to look so much better once the dark hardwoods are in.  Ohhhhh, I can't wait to cook in this gorgeous kitchen!!!

Coming in down the hallway

From the morning room

They also put in the vanities in all 3 of the bathrooms upstairs.  And the mirrors are installed as well!

The master and 2nd bath vanities look the same.

Tiny vanity in the 3rd bathroom

Banisters are in!

Our once full garage is empty again!  Maybe now they can get it drywalled. 


  1. Everything is looking awesome! I was so excited when I saw our cabinets too! Did you get to Hazelnut glazed cabinets? We ALMOST got those and then switched to plain white last minute. They look beautiful! I find myself looking forward to the end of the week even more so I can see the progress they make each time we visit!

    1. We did do the hazelnut glaze and I LOVE IT! The model has the butterscotch, which I liked, but it looked a little yellow. The hazelnut is perfect. I agree - we obsessively check the house for progress, it's so exciting!

  2. Love your kitchen! Did you get the double oven set-up? I don't remember what that looks like in the Rome. I too went with lighter (white) cabinets. My husband was against it, but he doesn't cook :-)
    I cannot wait to see your floors with the cabinets. So exciting, isn't it?