Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 6 - Time for Drywall!

Went by the house on Sunday and picked up all the garbarge the workers have thrown all over the yard and the house. It's been driving me nuts and something had to be done :) I was a little

I only had a quick second yesterday to drive by and didn't have time for pictures but the concrete truck was there pouring our (little) sidewalk!

I went by today because I am headed to Atlanta for work and knew I would be bummed not to see anything for a few days. I was happy to see a few things going on!!!
I believe the cable and the green boxes are from Dominion Power! Hooray for electrical being run (finally)!!! It looks like they were starting to dig for the cable but I'm not 100% sure. 

I jumped out of the car and snagged a few pics in the garage while the folks were working (I think I was undetected). 

We have a sidewalk! And they may have poured the porch, but I couldn't see. 

Goodies in the garage! I saw doors and cabinets but didn't have time to snoop too much. 


Pickets for the stairs!

The workers had music blasting crazy loud - I think it was some kind of Italian/Spanish opera, very funny!

They were working on the drywall I believe (lots of it hanging out of windows). The other houses being built on our street looked like they had their drywall up already - at least in the garages. 

We are going to meet with our Loan Officer again on Friday to review the loan stuff again and decide what kind of loan we are doing. And to determine when we want to lock in our rate. 

Now I've got a flight to catch! Cherrio!!!


  1. Looking good LuLu. It's funny that they stacked all your doors and cabinets in the garage. This happened to the house across the street from us before our pre-drywall meeting. We talked with our PM about it, and he wasn't very happy that they delivered them early. He said now the drywall guys couldn't do the drywall in the garage because of this.

    1. Frank - I agree, with all of the other houses on our street that are at the same stage as us, they had their drywall done before the stuff was delivered. Our house is now drywalled, but not the garage. Oh well! It'll get done at some point... not much we can do!

  2. Looking good! They started our siding yesterday so I feel like we are on the exact same schedule (just with some things flip flopped). So exciting! You'll love seeing the drywall up because it really gives you a sense of the space you'll have!

    1. We are on the same schedule - it's so cool to see the different houses go up at the same time. You're right - with the drywall things are really shaping up and it feels like a house inside and out!

  3. Want me to stake out the place while you're gone? I'd be happy to send you pictures. :)

    1. You are too sweet! Luckily I am back - but thank you! I need you to be my look-out when things are going on!!! :)