Monday, October 6, 2014

Couch Success?!?!?

I know you're all sick of me going on and on about finding a couch, but I think we finally found one!

We went by Macy's at the suggestion of a few folks.  I never think of Macy's as a place to check out furniture, but now I know I should!

We strolled through and saw a couple that we liked:

Then a salesman grabbed us and asked a few questions about what we were looking for and pointed us to the Radley. It is regularly $2,699, and it's marked down to $1,769.  We love that the corner seat is functional and the pieces can be rearranged, but do hook together to avoid sliding apart.  SCORE!  We also liked the fabric (it's microfiber) and they had dark gray as a standard color (it's called mocha). 


This is the sheet from the store.  It's hard to read but I wanted to have it documented.  I darkened the pieces that we are doing and this has the dimensions for the Radley Sectional.

I also think we are going to get the ottoman that will match - thoughts?  It's regularly $499 and it's marked down to $299.  We definitely need/want something to go in the middle to prop our feet up on, so I think this would work as good as anything?
Here's a pic from the store as well:
After we found the couch, we went to the house (just before sunset) to measure things out and make sure that the dimensions would work in our space.  And luckily it looks like it will fit well!
This layout is if we keep it as shown in the pics above.
Here we altered to add a single seat to the section against the wall.  I think this is how we will lay it out to make the most of the space and not cut into the walkway into the space.

Ok - couch dilemma has been solved.  Now we just need to go buy it ASAP.  Based on our conversation with the sales guy it will probably be November 20th before it will be delivered.  I will now stop going on about my first world problem of finding the perfect couch for my fabulous new home :)  Did anyone else have any exciting shopping finds this weekend?


  1. Just one suggestion. Sit on the area in between where they lock together. Basically one cheek on each cushion. Lol. Make sure it's not a hard divide it you will grow to hate it. We had a modular sofa and initially really liked it, then we noticed the hard "no mans land" in between later.

    1. We did this and were pleased with how it felt! Good tip though - I'd hate to be uncomfortable on something you spend this much on!

  2. Ok good! We didn't, and the first time we tried to lay down on it to watch a movie together we were hating life. Lol.

  3. I love the sofa! I'm considering getting a sofa from the same line (Radley). How has it held up?