Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Patio Thoughts

One of the first things we are planning on doing when we move in is have a patio installed.  We were thinking of waiting, but we have a 60 lb dog that is going to need to run around out back (we are also installing a fence, but that's not as exciting as thinking about a new patio!).  We had thought about a deck, but since there isn't much elevation off the ground, I'd prefer something lower maintenance than wood.
So, here is our yard -

Overlooking the back yard from the master bedroom
Taken from the far back corner of our lot looking onto the house.
Here is a look at our plot.  The dotted lines are where the silt fence was in place.

So, as you can see we have a nice sized backyard (at least for new suburban neighborhoods).  We want to put in a patio and firepit to enjoy that space!  Here are some ideas -
Love the different stones around the firepit

Like the lighting feature and large sitting area.

Love the bench around the pit. 

This is actually in our neighborhood and attached to a Rome.  Love that it's big enough for 2 patio tables - great for outdoor entertaining.

I thought this one was neat since it was square.
We are planning on getting estimates and I'll be sure to write about the process!  I'm not sure if we are going to do pavers or stamped concrete... price and durability may dictate that decision. 
What are you planning on doing with your outdoor space if Ryan Homes didn't do a deck or patio for you?


  1. I love all of your options. We have a deck now (that we built ourselves!!) and plan on doing a paver patio in a few years. I originally wanted stamped concrete bc I though it was cheaper, but apparently it's not really cheaper and doesn't hold up as well (from what I've been told).

    1. My hubby and FIL built our patio at our last house... but it took a really long time and a lot of effort. So this time around we'd like to see how much it would be to have someone else do it.
      I've also heard that about the stamped concrete... so that may not be an option.

  2. Around the Chicago area I got quotes of $7.50 a sq ft for regular concrete. Stamped and colored was from $13-15 a sq ft. Of course price can vary by region.