Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Electrical and Lighting

I've been meaning to post about this for a while and keep forgetting!

First a little rant - When it comes to overhead lighting, I think it's pretty ridiculous that this is not standard at Ryan Homes. Other builders may do this too, but I can only speak to Ryan. I think it's a racket that you have to pay to have overhead lighting in bedrooms and other main areas.  They get away with it by have the light switch connected to an outlet (for a lamp).  We opted to put in ceiling fan/light rough-ins in all of the bedrooms, the loft, formal living room, family room and morning room. If you're keeping track, that means overhead lighting is only included in the foyer, dining room, kitchen, stairway upstairs hallway, bathrooms, laundry room and master closets.

Now, on to the electrical.  Our SR gave us an electrical layout of the home so we had the ability to see where outlets were generally placed and where the light switches connect. Through Ryan Homes, you also have the ability to add extra outlets or lighting in the home.

Standard Rome Electrical Layout re-created by my hubby

Now, this is one project that my husband had a lot if fun with. He took the layout that our SR gave us, recreated it (everywhere you see blue is standard) and then added in red our requests/additions. 


We brought this with us to the pre-construction meeting and our SR and PM had never seen anyone do that before. I was so proud of my hubby - he worked so hard on this project! Our PM posted this in our home with the other plans so it was clear what we wanted. I think it helped a lot to make sure everything was put in correctly. 

Did you re-create your electrical layout with your Project Manager?  Do you love ceiling fans as much as us?


  1. We were just discussing this the other day. I wouldn't care if Ryan added $1000 to the base price and said you get 10 cans and 2 ceiling fans included. From there it's extra. By us, all Ryan's are $300,000 plus. It feels very "nickel and dime" to not include more lights. The cost of actual like and labor is about $50. To charge $150 is nuts. By us the fan roughin was also $220 the cost between and electrical box and a fan brace is about $5. To charge $70 extra for basically nothing is obscene. We paid for 2 fans and 4 light roughins. BUT they put fan braces in all. Now that's a win for us no doubt, but I also have a feeling fan braces would have been installed in all areas even if we just paid for lights because the fan brace is much easier for the electrician to center in the ceiling. So I couldn't agree anymore with you. They charge about 3x markup needlessly, but they know they can.

  2. You are so lucky they are working with you on the electrical stuff. We asked to have several switches changed and they would not do it. We didn’t even wind up getting the electrical layout that the plans called for. Some of our switches make absolutely no sense!! PS Awesome job by your hubby!

  3. Hello! We are building a Rome V05 Elevation E same as yours, and this electrical diagram would have been awesome to have during our pre-con meeting.

    Is there any way you could e-mail me the file with the blue mark-ups?

    I'm happy to provide my e-mail in a direct message.

    Thank you!!