Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2 More Weeks!!!

We went by the house this afternoon and they have put in our sod, the microwave/hood, porch columns, and they've stained our  stairs! 

We also got our garage door!

One thing we noticed is that our PM and SR told us that we would have 25-30 feet of sod in the back yard. It looks like we might have 20 feet from the short side of the house. I thought it would be 25-30 feet from the morning room. I'm checking, but my guess is that this is all we are getting. Lots of red mud still left behind. 

As for power - still none :/
Our PM said he's being told tomorrow. But he's been told that every day... so we will see. 

While we were at the house for a little while last week (for the fence and patio quotes) and we noticed a few things that we had questions about - below are our questions and our PM's response. 
Q1. The granite in the kitchen - We noticed that there are 2 pretty big scratches/dents on the edge of the granite on the slab by the sink.  There's also another scratch on the granite on the other side of the sink. Can you check this out? 
We also noticed that the granite lip/backsplash behind the sink is not level - but they may be adjusting that when they come back out for finishing touches?

A1. I have send the repairs listed to the granite company and they will be by next week to fix them.

Q2.  Foundation vents by the morning room outside - There are 2 vents in the brick foundation under the sliding glass door (outside).  We had planned on putting in stone steps to lead outside.  The steps would cover the vents (at least 1, possibly both).  Is it a problem if we cover up the vents?  Is there any way to move the vents at this point? 

We know putting in the patio will be done after we close, but we wanted to check in to see what this would affect (if anything).  I would think most people have steps coming out of the morning room so this probably comes up?

A2.The foundation vents are in per plan. I do not see an issue if one gets covered up as you have plenty around the rest of your foundation to allow air flow during the summer months. I will double check with my foundation contractor and confirm at your walk through that this will not be an issue. 

This is what we marked out for the patio. 
Q3. Irrigation System - Can you tell us what day they are coming out?  This is something we really want to have a say in where things go as much as we can.  We also want to see where the lines go. 
We would like the irrigation to come in at least 3 feet from the property lines (so it's not an issue with our fence), and a few feet away from the area we are going to set up as our patio.  We know you can't be everywhere at once, and we really don't want to be in the middle of the guys working... but we want to be around for this. 

A3. I have spoken to the irrigation contractor and let him know to stay 3ft off of the property line and avoid your patio area. The guys will be out Monday to install the irrigation. 

*So, they installed the irrigation. It seems like they out in stuff really weird, but I've never had irrigation before so I don't know?

Q4. We are starting to get worried about not having power and this causing a delay. 

A4. Don't worry. I've had guys working to get everything finished that does not require power. Once power comes we will only need to install floors. Do drywall and paint and clean the home. My boss and I have both been calling VA power every day trying to get an update from them.  

That's it for now... I can't believe we only have 2 weeks to go!!!


  1. Your house is coming along so nicely!!

    I love the front exterior. Is that elevation N? If so, that's the same elevation we selected.

    My fingers are crossed for you that you get power very soon.

    Looking forward to seeing more progress.

    1. Hi Kimberly! We actually have Elevation E. Thanks for keeping those fingers crossed - hopefully we'll get some good news this afternoon!

  2. Hope you get your power soon. That would be driving me nuts.

    1. Thanks! I hope so too. I was trying to be calm, cool, and collected... but it just keeps getting pushed out so now I'm a little panick-y even though our PM says we're ok. Hopefully we'll get some good news this afternoon!

  3. Yay for progress!!! I have my fingers crossed for the power!

    1. Thanks for keeping those fingers crossed - hopefully we'll get some good news this afternoon!