Thursday, October 2, 2014

PM Update for Week 8

I meant to update sooner, but this is our schedule for the week at the house from our PM:

"Things are going well in your home. This week the natural gas line is going in. They will be painting and doing a 2nd of 4 runs of drywall and paint. The tile will be installed in the bathrooms. They will be measuring all the cabinets installed in your home to be preparing to cut your granite tops. The final trades (plumbers, HVAC, and electricians) will also be starting work on your home late this week or early next week."

So, not a lot of big ticket items this week.  I stopped by and saw that they had painted the walls again and so had the trim work.  There were also some items that we had noticed that would need to be addressed, and our PM has already taken care of everything (his responses below). 
  •  Outlet in the master bathroom closet was drywalled over
    • When the electricians come to install outlets, switches and lights they will uncover this. It is pretty typical they have to find one or two things covered up by the drywall contractor.
    • I have also marked a rough location to help them find it
  • Outlet in the landing is not there (a wire is coming out into the study though)
    • I have marked the location for the electrician the drywall contractor just pulled it through the wrong side. The drywall company will be back 3 more times before finishing your home and they will refinish where the wire went through on the wrong side.
  • There's a hole in the 4th bedroom ceiling that also goes over the loft area
    • This has been fixed.

  • Drywall around outlet in upstairs hallway is ripped/hole above
    • I believe this has already been repaired as I could not find it. The drywall and paint company still have many trips back until we get to a finished product. I will be sure it is addressed if it has not already been
  • Laundry door is swing inside, not outside
    • Figures I marked everything to tell them to make it swing out but they still put it the wrong way. I have contacted them and they will be fixing this.
  • No outlet on the side of the island
    • They install the outlet on the island when the electricians put all the outlets in. This is required by building code and must be in for your home to pass its final county inspection. It will be in.
  • Light in the garage (we paid for an extra one)
    • They know about this and will be adding it when they install all the outlets, switches and lights.
  • The pendant light over the island is at the edge, barely over the island (closest to where the stove will be). When the electrician drew the island out, it was further over and would have been over it (you can still see the drawing on the floor).
    • I have reviewed the island location and have contacted the installer. He will be moving it closer to the Stove. Also keep in mind the granite will overhang some to also give us more clearance for the light.
I think that's it.  We probably won't go by the house again until the weekend since there isn't much going on.   Hope you all are having a good week!


  1. I'm really enjoying reading about your progress! It looks like we are on a similar time-table, I'm building a Rome in SC and it should be finished by the end of Oct. I love all your choices and I'm glad everything is going so smoothly. I'm also really jealous that they were willing to give you a switch for your coach lights at the front door, they would not budge for us! I think that it is a really silly design, and if I ever get the chance to comment on the house layout, I'm definitely going to bring it up. If you would like to check our house out I'm blogging at

  2. Things are looking great! Good to see you have a responsive PM! That makes the process so much smoother with things! Hopefully a lot of good stuff will be done by the weekend!