Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 11 is here!

Hey there!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We enjoyed some great weather, trip to the pumpkin patch and had some family pictures taken.  Overall a really nice weekend!

Couldn't resist putting in an adorable picture of our sweet girl!
On Friday, we were at the house during lunch to get more quotes on a fence and patio.  Once we were done with that we drove to the end of the street to check out the other houses that are being built.  We ran into our Project Manager and got a couple of updates -
  • Weekly update:
    • Irrigation folks will be out on Monday
    • Sod folks will be out on Tuesday
    • The rest of the week kind of depends on power...
  • Power - He's been calling multiple times a day to get an update from the power company.  It should be any day now.  He said once they get out there, it only takes a few hours to get it all turned on.  Fingers crossed we get power this week!
  • Stone - It's on backorder.  All of the other houses in our neighborhood that are in the same stage of being built already have their stone if it's stacked.  Apparently the round stone is on backorder from the supplier.  Our PM has escalated the issues to the bigwigs corporately because it's also holding up another house on another street as well. 
  • Flooring - Can't go in until we have power.  He said it could be done, but that there is usually a lot of issues later on if they do that.
  • Granite - We noticed a few dings when we were there on Thursday in one of the slabs.  Our PM was aware of it and said that the granite folks would be back out to fix it.
  • Plumbing - One of the little extras our PM does is run a camera down the drains/plumbing to make sure there are no issues prior to closing.  He likes to do this so they catch it before it becomes a problem after we move in.  
  • Finishing Touches - Because were are getting a little delayed due to no power, he said that he'll have 2 crews of folks that do all of the finishing touches prior to walk through.
  • Delay in delivery date?
    • I point blank asked the PM if we were going to be delayed in our closing date.  He assured me that we still had plenty of time and he had built in some extra days for the power delay.  I told him that I'd much rather him go ahead and tell me now that we may be delayed because I hate getting my hopes up and having them dashed.  He swears that we don't need to worry.

It's hard to believe this is what our lot looked like at the beginning of August!

And this is what our lot looks like now!
So, looks like I'm asking again to keep your fingers crossed we get power this week!!!

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  1. Fingersbcrossed and your little girl is adorable! I hope to see your stone soon. We have had some delays as well and it can be a little nail biting!