Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Update

While I was out of town, hubby went by the house on Wednesday.  We were excited to see that we have landscaping!!! They put in the shrubbery and trees (we get 2!).  They also put down straw everywhere.  That seems a bit odd to me if they are putting in sod, right?  Also, it seems a little weird that they would do the shrubbery in front of the porch before they put in the stone...

Here is one of our trees.  It's some kind of maple.
Thursday we went out to meet with some folks to get a fencing quote as well as a patio quote.  While we were at the house we got to see them work on some of the stonework.  They put in the steps and put in the mortar (?) on the wall.  Hopefully this afternoon/evening we will get to (finally) see our stone getting put in!

Here's a closer picture of our granite - for anyone that is interested from my earlier post about backsplashes.  It's Santa Celia.

Did your landscaping installation go in the right order? 


  1. It's looking gorgeous! So excited for you!

  2. It is kind of odd that they did lanscaping before stone. They must have been slightly delayed with the guys who would put up the stone so they figured they should do something!

    I can't wait to see the stone on your home! It's going to look so nice! I love how they put it on the steps too!

    1. I'm having some serious stair envy... Love!

  3. I love the counter top and landscaping..everything looks really nice and the porch looks great! You are getting so close...