Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Power Update and Countdown #10, 9, 8...

First, a quick power update:
I've been driving our PM crazy with requests for updates on the power.  I know it's not on him, but it's really go me stressed.  Note that our pre-settlement walk through is on Monday 11/3and closing/settlement is next Wednesday 11/5. 

Below is an email update from late Monday -

The contractor for VA power showed up today to bore under the street by the entrance to your section. This is what VA power says need to be done so that they can finish all connections and get power on. They have promised to have their crew there tomorrow now that the street has been crossed by their contractor. Just as before  though I don't know it for sure until I see their trucks. I do feel today was a big step in getting us moving in the right direction. 

I believe this is what the contractors did yesterday! 

Assuming that we get power tomorrow the plan is to install carpet when they have the power to be able to use their tools for the install. Stone will be installed tomorrow. Hardwood will be installed Wednesday. I will have the house blue taped for drywall on Friday. Blue taped for Paint on Saturday. Cleaned Monday morning before my quality inspection.

During a typical schedule without power delays the hardwood, carpet, drywall, and paint are each allotted one day to complete there scope of work listed above. With the schedule above they all still have a day each to do their job.

If power does not show up tomorrow and the painter does not agree to work Sunday we will may have to move some things around.

I will not sacrifice quality for speed on your home. If I can not get the home complete in a quality manner because of VA power's delay I will let you know that we need to push the delivery of your home.
So, once again, keep your fingers crossed we get power today!

Now, on to fun stuff!  I loved the idea of doing a countdown to closing, and since we are 8 days away I thought I'd get started with #10, #9 and #8!

Reason #10 I can't wait to move in: Driving to Daycare!
We decided to move Sweet D to her new daycare that is closer to our new house when the new school year started after Labor Day. It's about 20 minutes from our rental and our work. So, it hasn't been too long, but after 2 months of driving 20 minutes to the new daycare and 20 minutes back to work every morning AND every evening... We are both ready to have a closer commute!!! 

Yay for less miles on the car! And since we won't be driving by the house every day after work to check on things (yep, we're obsessive), we'll have even more time in the evenings!!!

Reason #9 I can't wait to move in: No more boxes!!!
We decided to sell our house last fall. We got serious about decluttering and packing in February. We spent March and April packing up boxes and painting and prepping our house. In May we put the house on the market. In July we packed up and moved out. We partially unpacked in our rental, but we have boxes everywhere here. Now it's time to pack again... So if you're keeping track, we've been in boxes for  almost 9 months! I am ready to make our final move to our forever house and unpack for the last time for a long, long time!!!

I hope I can get our garage to look like this! 

Reason #8 I can't wait to move in: Garage and Paved Double Driveway!
I've never had a garage before... so I am stoked to have one!  Especially right before winter gets here!  I know garages have a tendency to get junky/cluttery, but I really hope we are able to keep ours organized. 
I'm also excited that our driveway is paved (we had gravel at the last house and I HATED it!), and it's a double driveway.  We can park side by side and not have to do the car shuffle in the mornings/evenings anymore!!! I am very excited about that!

Older picture, but a good one of our beautiful driveway!

Are you excited about a new commute? Are you even more excited to be done with boxes?!?  Are you as OCD as me to organize your garage?!?

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  1. Holy crap, what a nail biter! That seems so close. I hope they pull it off for you. I like the idea of the countdown list, i'll probably start that when we get a bit closer.