Saturday, July 19, 2014

Floorplan and Elevation

We are building a Rome, Elevation E with Reverse Floorplan.

This is the model in our neighborhood and we fell in love with it immediately.  We love how well the space is used and the fact that it doesn't seem like space is wasted anywhere. Very smart design!

The Rome we are building will have 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms.  It is standardly 3,060 square feet, but with the morning room I think that adds about 200 square feet for a total of ~ 3,260 square feet. 


Elevation E shown with Reverse Floorplan.  We are doing this color siding too!
We are adding the Morning Room, Gourmet Kitchen and Fireplace.
No extra windows.  We are also adding an extra 2 feet extension to the garage. 

We are adding another bathroom to the 4th bedroom, so we lose the seating area in the Master.   
In Elevation E, the loft is bumped out 2 feet so we will have some extra space there that isn't shown here.
We are not doing a basement or finished attic. Oh how I wish we could, but alas it was too much extra money. 


  1. Don't sweat the basement too much... You guys can do it yourself for sooooo much cheaper. Which is what we plan on in about a year. I want the whole room finished as one big room. When you do it yourself YOU do it the way you want!

    I can't wait to see your house!!

  2. I agree with Bridget. You can definitely finish your basement later for a lot less than Ryan charges! We're ended up getting it through them only because it was a free incentive for using NVR. If it wasn't a free upgrade we would have definitely waited to do it ourselves!

  3. Bridget and LaurLew - thanks! We didn't add the basement or the attic unfortunately. It would have been a minimum of $25 - $50,000 to add one or the other and we just didn't see how we could swing it. Luckily the Rome is big, we are doubling our house size. I don't think we should need more space... but ask me that in another 5-10 years :)