Friday, July 25, 2014

Houston, We Have a Delivery Date!

When we initially signed the paperwork to build with Ryan Homes, we were told a mid-July start date with a delivery date of mid-October. This was all contingent on the county approving permits and Dominion Virginia Power running electricity to our new section.

At one point, our SR told us we may need to come in and sign paperwork because they were moving so quickly that he thought we'd start in June and have a September delivery date. I was so excited things were moving so quick!

Well, that didn't happen! And you know I've been following up weekly on the status since we got to July. Our SR has been great and very patient with my my check-ins. 

We got word today that we will start the first week of August! Our SR said that they still anticipate being done by late October, BUT it all depends on the power company and weather. My guess is that it will be November before we move in.

We also found out that our road has been paved this week! 

Now we are waiting on a pre-construction meeting date... Hopefully late next week! 
Things are starting to get exciting!!!

Did you have delays with your start date? 

PS- this is my first time blogging from my phone... Hopefully it works well!

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