Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Selections

This is by far the fun part!  I had read through a lot of blogs about the pros and cons of picking out what you wanted NOW vs. picking out the basics and upgrading LATER.  We waffled on this - we both work really stressful/time consuming jobs and don't have tons of free time.  We also have an almost 2 year old and will hopefully expand our family in the future.  Based on that, we knew we needed to keep our selections in our budget, but pick things that we really wanted long-term.  We will still have some projects to work on though - deck or patio, building a shed, more landscaping, garage shelving/organization... the list goes on!

Now, on to the pretty selections!  We had fun picking everything out, we mostly agreed on everything and we each comprised on things. Example - I really wanted a white kitchen, BB was not really a fan.  I could live without the stone front, but BB really wanted it.  We both wanted darker hardwoods.  Overall, we are both really happy with our picks though!

We saw this color scheme in our neighborhood and love it!  This is Elevation D though, and we are doing E. 

Elevation E with Partial Stone.  We LOVE the front porch!

·         Elevation E with Partial Stone

o   Exterior Color Scheme: UEE

o   Main Siding Color: Graphite Gray

o   Shake Siding Color: Silver Mist

o   Stone: PA Sierra Fieldstone (round stone)

o   Shutter Color: Dark Berry

o   Front Door Color: Raisen

o   Brick Color: Grand Caramel

o   Trim Color: White

o   Roof Color: Black

o   Garage Door :  White; cottage front with arched windows

o   Gutter Color: White

o   Front porch:

§  Columns - White, Square

§  Railings - black powder coated aluminum

First Floor
I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE all of our selections!  I'm dying to see it in person all pulled together!

·         Flooring

o   Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Morning Room

§  Hardwood – Level B: Rural Living 5” Deep Java

§  Stairs – hardwood; Railing stain #6

We opted for white balusters, not metal but this gives a good idea of what we will be doing.

o   Family Room & Study:

§  Carpet Pad A: Tahoe

§  Carpet Level C: Simple Touch – Sand Swept

·         Kitchen

o   Countertops – Granite upgrade #1 (standard in our neighborhood): St. Cecilia Light

o   Cabinets – 42” with crown molding: Timberlake: Rushmore Square Maple Glaze Hazelnut
Example of Cabinets + Countertops + Lighting - I cannot wait to cook in this kitchen!

·         Family Room

o   Stone fireplace (side of house); PA Sierra Fieldstone (round)

Second Floor

·         Flooring

o   Carpet Pad A: Tahoe

o   Carpel Level B: Collinsville-Mocha Froth

·         Master Bathroom

o   Vanity Cabinets: Timberlake, Wyoming Square Maple Cherry Java

o   Flooring/Tile: Ceramic Tile C with surround

§  Brancacci-Aria Ivory 12 x 12 Floor

§  9 x 12 Wall

§  Accent 1” – Random TE22 Bali

It's hard to see, but the listello has light green and flecks of copper.  I think it'll play nicely with the cherry in the cabinets. 

·         Guest Bathroom #1

o   Double bowl vanity: Timberlake, Scottsdale Square Maple Espresso

o   Flooring/Tile: Ceramic Tile B w/ Surround

§  Brixton 12 x 12 Bone Wall

§  Semi-Gloss White 6 x 6 – NO LISTELLO

§  Corner ceramic soap dish
The almond is shown on the bottom, but we are only doing white and no listello.  The flooring lady thought I was crazy for not wanting it, but the curly-ques were the only option and I prefer cleaner lines. 

·         Guest Bathroom #2 (in 4th Bedroom) - same as above.

o   Single bowl vanity: Timberlake, Scottsdale Square Maple Espresso

o   Flooring/Tile

§  Brixton 12 x 12 Bone Wall

§  Semi-Gloss White 6 x 6 – NO LISTELLO

§  Corner ceramic soap dish

·         Laundry Room Flooring: Initiator #66088 (shown above with carpet)


  1. We did the same flooring throughout the first floor of our Naples... I can't wait to see it! It's such a beautiful flooring!

    Great choices on everything!

    1. Thanks Bridget! We have good taste, huh :)!
      I can't wait to see it either, I am so ready to get this party started!!!