Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting Questions

We have not scheduled our pre-construction meeting yet, but I've been anticipating this meeting for a while now (that's what happens when you have to wait a couple of months to start your build!). 
We got a note from our SR this week that the PM we thought we were working with is moving.  For now we will be working with his boss while they fill the position.  Hopefully this is a good thing - trying to be positive.  Fingers crossed we get a meeting date soon!
Below are questions I've compiled based on other blogs suggestions plus a couple of my own.
Did I miss anything???

General Questions for the PM:

1.       Estimated timeline/milestones, exact closing date.

2.       What inspections will happen at each stage?

3.       Can we visit the site? Do we need permission from PM?

4.       Rules for visiting the site?

5.       What is the best way to reach the PM if we have questions?

6.       Can we bring in our own home inspector? What is the proper procedure?

7.       How will other homes next to us/across from me be positioned?

8.       Will there be 1 or 2 HVAC units?

9.       Will there be any electrical or cable boxes on our lot?  What about sewer?

Verification Checklist: (Things we already selected with Ryan Homes SR or other vendors- Advanced Flooring)

1.       Selected Upgrades and Options (things we were charged extra for)

1.       Confirm laundry tub is in the garage.

2.       Confirm extra breaker for fridge in garage.

3.       Confirm extra insulation in the wall by hall bath/kitchen and garage.

2.       Interactive Selections (Cable/Ethernet)

3.       Design Center Selections

4.       Lights package, placement / Fan rough-ins

Common Areas:

1.       Smooth or rough ceilings?

2.       Power outlet location for each room (specifically - kitchen, bathroom vanities, garage, deck and TV location)?

1.       Laundry room +1

2.       Master closet +1

3.       Kitchen island +1

4.       Garage +2

3.       Switches for lights and fireplace in family room

4.       Check window size and location in each room.

5.       Door Handles - Which rooms get locks?

6.       Will all windows have screens?

7.       Verification for extra insulation

8.       Wall switch as well as remote for fireplace?


1.       Can we choose our own granite slab?

2.       Can we delete granite "lip" altogether because we plan on doing a tile back splash later?

3.       Size of the fridge that will fit the design of the kitchen?

4.       Is there going to be a rough-in for ice maker (for the fridge)?

5.       Confirm cabinet above stove will be higher than other cabinets.

6.       Any way to move the outlet above the microwave so we can install open window cabinets?

7.       Rearrange lighting above the island for pendants. 

8.       When can we have refrigerator and washer/dryer delivered?


1.       Placement of dryer vent (high)

2.       Can the door open away from the room (not into the room)?


1.       Where will the attic access be located?


1.       Confirm shelves in closets?


1.       Confirm ORB shower in master.

2.       Vent fan locations

3.       Can master bath window open?


1.       Confirm that garage door opener, sensors, and button will be prewired behind the wall and we only will need to buy unit to install

2.       Garage Opener wiring?

3.       Confirm garage be sheet-rocked?

4.       Drainpipe in the garage?

5.       Can we extend the driveway at all?

6.       Location of service door garage?

7.       Will there be a deadbolt in the door to the garage?

8.       Where is the switch for operating the garage carriage lights, light post and porch light? Can they be put on different switches?


1.       Gas line location?

2.       What outdoor lights are standard? Can you upgrade the lights or add more? (We have to have a light below the portico at front door)

3.       Where are the hose bibs located?

4.       Confirm lawn will be sodded?

5.       Grass in the backyard? How far back?

6.       Make sure there are gutter around the house

7.       Confirm extra outdoor lights.

8.       What kind of plants/trees are placed?  Can we alter anything?

9.       Can we pick the placement of the trees?

8.       Grading - how will the finished contours of the lot look? Will it will look different than now?

9.       Seeding/sod?  What is warranty?  Will they seed in winter?  What if it doesn't grow?

10.   How many steps to front porch?

11.   How many steps into house from garage?

12.   Location of outdoor AC unit?  Heat pump?

13.   Location of water meter?  Gas meter?

14.   Mailbox?

15.   What other questions do homebuyers have that I may be missing?

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  1. Great questions, I need to add a couple of yours to my list.