Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Selling Our Current House

We purchased our current home in November 2009.  It’s a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath colonial with 1,454 square feet.   Since we moved in, we got engaged, married, and had our beautiful baby girl (who is in full blown toddlerhood now!).  It was a great house, but we’ve outgrown it since D came along with all of her gear! 

We started thinking about putting our house on the market this past fall (2013).  We talked to our realtor to get a plan together for timing putting our house on the market.  We decided spring would be best and it would give us time to de-clutter and finish a few projects so we could get top dollar. 

We had originally planned on putting the house on the market in February, but then life happened and we got a little behind schedule.  We didn’t end up putting it on the market until April 25th.  After about 15+ showings we got an offer on May 18th.  We had some back and forth plus another offer, but we ended up going with the original buyers offer.  We finalized everything on May 23rd and then had the inspection on May 31st.  Everything went well, no big surprises.  We had the house appraisal on June 17th and everything moved right along to closing.  We signed our part of the closing papers (so easy by the way!) on July 14 and the buyers signed theirs on July 15.  We’re still waiting on final paperwork, but all should be good to go!
Bye Bye Old House!

Now we are living in temporary housing while we wait for our new home to be built! More on that to come...


  1. Welcome!!! We are basically in the exact same boat! We have a 18 month old, and we just closed on our old home today! We are also in temporary housing while the home is built. We should be breaking ground shortly, we are just waiting on permits! Exciting!

    I LOVE the Rome! We originally were going to go with the Rome but decided on the Naples. We needed a 3 car garage more than an office. Life is a compromise! Ha ha!

    I can't wait to watch your home being built! Yay!

  2. Hi Bridget! I've been following along on your blog and finally decided to jump on board with mine... have been contemplating for a while and finally jumped on the blogging train!
    We really liked the Naples too - it's so nice! We are actually going to use the office for a playroom :)
    Can't wait to see yours being built too! I'm hoping we break ground before the end of the month - fingers crossed!

  3. So we are the same timeline!!! Yay!!! I can't wait. Let's see your selections! That's my favorite part.

    Good call on the office... That's a great idea! On the first floor so close, but easy enough to hide everything!!

  4. Selections will be coming soon! Hopefully I'll have some time to get it all written down - I just looked at your selections Bridget and they are beautiful!