Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's the Final Countdown!!!

We close tomorrow.
That's the day after today, in case you were wondering :)

I am just over the moon excited!  Our final walkthrough went well yesterday, they are fixing almost everything on our inspection list as well as some additional things that we noticed.  I'll have a summary for that soon, but for now... Here is the rest of my countdown, continuing from my previous post:

Reason #7 I can't wait to move in: Four bathrooms! FOUR! I grew up with just one bathroom, so clearly I have a problem with thinking I need for four the three of us… But hopefully we will have a bigger family one day and will never have to worry about fights for shower or bathroom time :)  And it's going to be great for family when they come visit - they have their on en-suite!

Hall bath upstairs

Added 3rd upstairs bath attached to the 4th bedroom

Reason #6 I can't wait to move in:  My nice big backyard!  Part of what drew us to our neighborhood was the lot sizes.  They aren't huge, but they are much bigger than the postage stamp that comes with a lot of new neighborhoods.  My husband really wanted a big backyard, so now he gets to enjoy it!  And once we get the patio and fence put in, it's really going to be great!  I can't wait for spring already!!!  

Our big back yard!!! It's going to look great once we have the patio and more sod!
Reason #5 I can't wait to move in: My fabulous kitchen!  I fell in love at first sight when we went into the Rome model and saw the kitchen.  I mean, it's just gorgeous!  I love the cabinets, the granite, the floors - it looks great all pulled together.  And I cannot wait to cook!  I have an Island! I have space!  No more getting stuck in our old galley kitchen!  I can spread out and bake!  Can you tell I just can't wait to enjoy that kitchen?  :)

Most recent picture I had... can't wait to see it all "unwrapped" and ready to cook in!
Reason #4 I can't wait to move in: Seeing all of our choices come together, not just our Ryan Home selections but also getting to decorate the interior. I didn't do a lot of that I feel like in our last house, but I'm really getting to do that with this house.  I've been working with an interior designer/decorator over the past few weeks to pull things together and it's been so nice!  More to come on that! 
Picking everything out!

Reason #3 I can't wait to move in: If I'm being honest, having lots of new stuff is pretty cool. New house, new furniture, new appliances!  Because this house is so much bigger, we're having to get some new furniture pieces as well as update some other items (ahem, couch!).  We also hadn't done much in the way of "grown-up furniture" in our last house.  It's been so much fun to think about the fact that will be the first ones living on this property, living in this house, and using all of the appliances and everything else. 
Our pretty new fridge!

Our comfy new couch!

Reason #2 I can't wait to move in: Entertaining! We love to have people over and the Rome floorplan really allows for that. I can't wait to host a baby shower's bridal shower's birthday parties and anything else I can think of in the years to come!  And once we have the patio complete, it's going to be great for entertaining outside too! No more renting spaces - we can have all the parties at our house!!!

Reason #1 I can't wait to move in: Our new neighborhood and the community of families all around us!  We are so excited to be in a new development where it seems like there are so many opportunities to make new friends since everyone is new! There seem to be a lot of children as well, which we love! I am so looking forward to this being our forever home and our forever neighborhood! 
View of the pool and clubhouse

View of the little lake in the middle of our neighborhood

That's it for now... I'll be back tomorrow with a quick update on closing!!!


  1. Love your countdown items! So exciting! Congrats on everything! Everything looks beautiful!

  2. This is great! Congrats on everything and I have enjoyed sharing your excitement! It looks wonderful and I am sure you will fall in love with it all over again once you actually move it! How can you not? Enjoy and don't be a stranger in the blog world!

  3. Everything looks so good! Your under cabinet lighting is beautiful! Exciting times for you...yay!!

  4. Congrats LuLu! Hope you continue with the blog after you close.