Monday, November 10, 2014

A Weekend of Painting & Deliveries!

Hey there!
I'm trying not to drop off the face of the earth, but I'll probably be doing quick updates for a little bit while we get moved. 
We closed on Wednesday and everything went smoothly - all of our paperwork was in order, so it was just signing and signing and more signing :)  All said, it was about an hour and we were done! 
Friday was a busy day:
We had the dead tree taken down... it's crazy to me how quick they are with something like that!  We are cutting up the tree to use as firewood for the firepit we hope to have one day!
We also prepped the master bedroom & bathroom, guest bedroom & bathroom for painting.  We painted all day Saturday and Sunday as you can see!

Master bedroom before
Master bedroom after! 
We painted the master bedroom Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.  We still need to do one more coat though.

Guest bedroom with my handy trim work!

Guest bedroom after
We will definitely need to do another coat of paint in this room too.  It's Fiddlehead Green by Benjamin Moore.

We did hire painters to paint the entire downstairs... best $900 I've ever spent!!!

From Top Left clockwise - Formal Living Room in Chelsea Gray; Dining Room in Hale Navy & American White; Stairway in Rockport Gray; Morning room in Ozark Shadow - All Benjamin Moore.

We also painted the kitchen in Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore.  Our appliances were delivered on Friday too.  Here you can see the refrigerator - but we have to send it back because there is a dent in the freezer door.  Our dryer was not delivered, so I'm trying to figure that out now. 
You can also see our barstools.  And we decided on the backsplash for the kitchen - more to come on that too!

Overall - it was a crazy busy weekend!!! We plan on moving in this upcoming weekend and we CANNOT WAIT!!!
Did ya'll have productive weekends?


  1. Look at you all! What an amazing weekend you had! It looks great and the color selections are awesome. Keep the updates coming! Looking forward to seeing your backsplash too!!!

  2. Looks awesome, can't wait to see the back splash!

  3. Everything looks awesome! We may end up hiring painters for our downstairs as well because painting that much sounds horrible to me! $900 isn't too bad either ..

    Can't wait to see your backsplash choice!

  4. Everything's looking gorgeous! Love your color choices. I love the grey in the kitchen especially.

  5. I live in Richmond as well and have been looking for a good painter. Who did you use?

  6. I love your paint jobs! But I'm curious - they told us NOT to paint until after the 11 month inspection. Did you have any issues with this?